Kevin Coldiron

Professor Dynamic Asset Management Professor


MBA, London Business School
BSc, Finance with Minor in Economics, Pennsylvania State University

Positions Held

2002 – 2014, Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Algert Coldiron Investors, San Francisco
1994 – 2002, Managing Director, Barclays Global Investors, London
1988 – 1991, Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Current Research and Interests
  • Shadow Banking
  • Carry Trades
  • Sentiment and Asset Valuation
Selected Papers and Publications
  • “EMU and the Asset Allocation Decision,” with Ken Kroner.  Journal of Investment (1999). Awarded Journal of Investing Best Paper award for 1999.
  • “Editorial – The Future of Pure Passive and Pure Active Investing”. Journal of Asset Management (2000).

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